The Unenchanted Princess

The Unenchanted Princess is my new book .

“The Unenchanted Princess is the tale of a Princess born without an enchantment in a Magic land where all royalty is surrounded by enchantment. Alexandra refuses to give in to her parents’ schemes to find her an enchantment or marry her off to someone willing to overlook her lack.
She runs away to escape, but soon learns the she is at the heart of a struggle to control the magic lands. Together with the Frog Prince, a Prince Charming who is turned into a crow and a young woman from a land where magic is forbidden she must learn how to defeat her enemy and dispell the last enchantment.”

I am selling hard copies at $15 plus S&H from my Lulu store

E-books are available from and Lulu. Amazon of course sells Kindle (mobi) and Lulu sells the epub format for ipads.

Contact me for more information.

eLibrary – Open Ebooks Directory – includes most of the ebooks sold on the internet. Free for addition of one’s own ebooks.

New! Here is video of a reading I did at the local library.

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2 Responses to The Unenchanted Princess

  1. I’ve read it and I like it. I enjoyed very much. Thanks!

  2. louis says:

    FYI – the link for the youtube video is broken. When you click the link, the url has 2 http’s, it probably doesn’t need any.
    I was able to find the video through google search.

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