The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

Caratacus Plume

The Wild Hunt is urban fantasy the way it should be written. The Faerie Kingdoms, other magical beasts and normal England, assuming you could call Brighton normal. Tom Dearlove has been sent to stay with his Uncle, but he quickly learns he’s been apprenticed to his Uncle and The Hound as part of their business resolving cases the normal police don’t want to see never mind investigate.

Tom meets vampires, fairies, a half-troll constable and more all of it served up as part of a non stop adventure.

The book is written with a good bit of cheek and is fun to read for the characters as much as the mystery. Anyone who can make a brawl in slow motion sound exciting is worth a read. This book is a great romp and suitable for all ages as a plus.

I highly recommend the book to urban fantasy readers and readers of classic mysteries.

You can buy it here.

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