The Witch Princess and the Dark Magician’s Son


Karyna Kellar

This fantasy book introduces Sachin, the son of an Archmage who destroyed a city in his madness and is executed for his crime. Sachin lives in secret with his aunt and uncle after his mother dies. The worst Sachin has to deal with is bullying from some of his cousins until it is learned that he has magical talent. He’s whisked off to Whestyr to learn magic. To Sachin’s surprise he is also good with mundane weapons, once he gets past the hatred of the man who trains him, and who lost his family and home in the fire caused by Sachin’s father.

Larissa is a princess of the realm who also discovers that she has magic ability, but where Sachin is depressed and lonely she is outgoing and everyone loves her. Their paths only cross a few times but Sachin falls for her, like every other male student.

There is a new leader of the Santorim, a man who may be an Archmage. Assassins attack Whestyr and the lives of Sachin and Larissa are turned upside down.

There are a few issues with point of view and odd construction in the story, but don’t let that stop you from reading a good solid fantasy with an interesting world and some new rules for magic. The plot is well put together and the characters three-dimensional.  I recommend this book for sword and sorcery fantasy lovers.

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