Thief’s Magic

Thief’s Magic

Trudy Canavan

Thief’s Magic is a blend between magic and steampunk. I love the concept of the world in which magic is used to run Victorian Age machinery. The problem is they are using so much magic that it is in danger of running out. When Tyen unearths a living book, Vella, on an archeological/treasure hunting expedition he starts a series of events which lead to him fleeing with the book.

In a completely separate storyline except for the magic Rielle is attracted to a most unsuitable artist. To complicate matters, she has a forbidden talent for magic.

I wanted to like this book, and I do actually like the two separate stories, but they are, for too much of the book completely separate stories. The book is a first in a series and so there is a lot of groundwork to be laid, but jumping back and forth between unconnected storylines got wearisome. I also didn’t like the assumption that birth control immediately makes a woman sexually open and active.

I would recommend Thief’s Magic for people who don’t mind long parallel stories as an introduction to a series.

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