Uneven Exchange

Uneven Exchange

S.K. Derban

While on vacation in Mexico, DEA agents see Alexandra¬†and immediately note her uncanny resemblance to a woman who is sister to a notorious killer nicknamed ‘The Magician’.

Back in the US she is recruited for an undercover mission to help capture the killer, a very different task than her usual interior design. She feels God is nudging her to accept and so her life suddenly becomes very complicated.

I’m not sure how to classify this book. It bills itself as a thriller, but there isn’t all that much suspense and it continues on past where I’d expect the thriller to end. It could be seen as a love story, but again there are elements of a romance which are missing. Faith is a major aspect of the story, almost all the good guys continually pray, but I don’t get much sense of God being active other than as a name being dropped. Nobody changes or is significantly tested in their faith.

Having said all that, I did find the book to be an enjoyable read. None of the issues above were enough to break the flow of the narrative. A few times I wished for a situation to be more developed, but it didn’t push me out of the story. The villain of the piece is nicely complex and human.

If you aren’t concerned with pigeon-holing the genre of a book, you will enjoy reading Uneven Exchange. It has a bit of thriller and romance with some faith thrown in as a garnish.

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