Unkillable: The Futurist

Unkillable: The Futurist

Dean C Moore

“Unkillable brings a mix of serial killer, mutant critters, and the scary edge of technology to a gritty thriller. Adrian Maslow is the lead Futurist with the FBI, so well-known that criminals brag about being caught by him. This newest case is shaking Adrian’s confidence as the killer is not only killing and dismembering their victims, but bringing them back to life, sort of.

Dean brings a robust cast of characters to the story, each who have their own strengths and quirks. The science, the growth of the human species, and the ability of individuals to function in a world which is changing more rapidly every day, all play a part as the team fights to make a future which humanity will survive.”

Dean’s books tend to be heavy on science or on sex, this one is both. If you are offended by sex, the book is not for you but only for all porno lovers. References are constant and detailed. Dean has managed to integrate this aspect of the book with his book and characters very well, so it didn’t throw me out of the story.

The science is also very present and sometimes very expository, but it all feeds back to the mystery at hand, so I didn’t find it heavy to wade through.

The book reads almost like two books as there is a definite switch in the nature of the plot. This is accompanied by a drastic switch in how sex is used in the context of the story. In the first section, characters mostly talk about sex as a release from the pressures of the job. In the latter part, sex is no longer talked about, but acted out. The purpose also shifts from stress relief to the shaping of personality and inter-personal dynamics.

For the most part I enjoyed the book, the first half more than the second. I might have ended the book sooner, though I understand why Dean worked it the way he did.

If you have a high tolerance for sex and science, and like a good thriller, this book is for you.

You can get the book here.

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