Vision of The Griffin’s Heart

7bcfc1_8e02b2c450564fbe8c6d2d2c3e279e68Vision of the Griffin’s Heart:  

Andy Smithson Book 5

L.R.W. Lee

Vision of the Griffin’s Heart is a middle grade/young adult book. It is the fifth in the series. I’d recommend reading the first four so you know the players and the plot so far. Like many series, these books are so much stand alone parts as serialized sections of a complete work. The characters are lively and well drawn. Andy is likeable, but is human enough to relate to. In this book he is brought to Oomladee to gain the black claw of a griffin as part of their ongoing quest to lift a curse. This time the challenge is tougher as his magic sword no longer works agains the dragon Abaddon.

The story is well plotted with enough ups and downs to keep things interesting. If I had one complaint it is the consistent use of verbs other than said or asked  as speech tags, especially those which need an object and don’t get one. I recognize the people the book is intended for will have no issue with this usage, so it doesn’t count against the quality of the book.

I recommend the book for lovers of fantasy and well written fiction whatever age group it is aimed toward.

You can buy the book here.

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