Walk in the Flesh

51DFFSBjISL._SL250_Walk in the Flesh

Peter Bailey

This is one of the creepiest books I’ve read in a long time. Neil is a psychopathic soldier who ends up with the choice of dying or becoming a computer program with a chance of gaining revenge on the people who blew up London with an atomic bomb and killed his wife. The book has two levels. The first is Neil’s work as he is implanted in bodies, then sent to kill the close friends of the people who used to live in those bodies. The concept of an eternal warrior who keeps waking up only to be sent out to kill again is depressing enough, but Peter Bailey takes it a step further with the gradual collapse of Neil’s humanity and sense of self through the book.

I’ve been know to complain that sci-fi war books don’t feel that sci-fi, and this one doesn’t either. The mechanism of Neil’s eternal life is routine and the subject of office politics. The world he lives in is only an atomic blast or two away from ours. It is that very closeness to our present reality that makes the book work as well as it does.

If you like war book, psychological books, or near future sci-fi, then this book is for you.

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