Watcher’s Keep: The Triadine Saga

TheWatchersKeep_SMALL_0x200Watcher’s Keep: The Triadine Saga

Timothy Bond

Watcher’s Keep

Peter and Alex are twins whose idyllic existence is interrupted by the arrival of the King’s spy. Know nothing about why they are being chased or who they really are, the twins run into the woods to escape a brutal enemy. The aren’t sure of anything other than they are going to try to find the elves the church told them don’t exist. They get separate in the woods by bandits and their real adventures begin. Alex learns more about her family and legacy while Peter is conscripted into the army of the very King who wants him dead.

Watcher’s Keep is the first book in a series and as such spends most of its time establishing the wide range of characters needed to carry the epic story forward. We meet wizards, dwarves and elves and more within its pages along with unexpected allies and and hidden enemies. There is, of course, a prophecy, but mercifully is it so confused that it could mean anything leaving the characters and the plot to make their own way.

If there is any weakness past the wholly unneeded prologue, it is the tendency to over explain things that could be trusted to the reader to understand. As this habit lessens through the book, I expect it will continue to disappear in the subsequent volumes.

I found the story to be an enjoyable and original read with sufficient plot and twists even in the first volume to keep the story moving. I recommend the book to lovers of epic fantasy. This will be a series worth watching for.

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