Theresa M. Jones

Aislin is weird, she knows it, her family knows it, her school knows it. Only her brother, Luke and a new boy at school treat her like she isn’t. She dreams other people’s dreams, the good ones, the horrible ones, the banal ones. She can talk to people in their dreams, which is how they know she was there and why they look at her like she’s a freak.

In spite of all this she is surviving, the the unthinkable happens and Luke lies in a coma at the hospital, and maybe, just maybe she can help him.

On the whole the book is well written, and the voice of Aislin is captured nicely. The problem lies in missed opportunities and one situation in which I strongly felt the author cheated to add drama. Not huge problems in themselves, but in a book which is written to help children be themselves, both the missed opportunities and the cheat make it much less than what it could be.

I would really like to see this book about half again as long to take advantage of the possibilities and also to refuse to back away from the hard reality she avoids at the end. With that work I would be able to heartily recommend the book.

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