White Wolf and the Ash Princess

White Wolf and the Ash Princess

Tammy Lash

I came to this book through an online book club. These days I have trouble reading a book in more than half hour bits, but this book grabbed me and pulled me into the story. Izzy lives in a cottage with Jonathan and Miss Margaret. She has a young friend name Tubs who plays an ongoing game with her as she tries to guess his name. Izzy has forgotten everything prior to arriving at the cottage, Jonathan is holding her past for her, but she wants to know what he knows about her.

Izzy is covered with burns and we gradually learn the cause, which is also the reason she spends most of her time in the library reading. Even Jonathan can’t convince her to go past the wall of the garden. One day when Jonathan is off on one of his trips, Izzy is convinced by Tubs to go fishing with him. To her amazement she is able to follow him past the wall, and thus begins the unravelling of her life.

The book took me by surprise several times. It is not what I originally imagined from the opening, then it goes on to keep morphing in new and unexpected directions. The pleasant thing is the story always make sense and comes together at the end in a powerful conclusion. Izzy is a fascinating character, she begins timid as a mouse, but makes a conscious choice to be brave and it changes both her and the people around her.

The people in the book are varied and well drawn, then change through circumstance as they learn and grow.

I recommend the book for people who like Native American stories and history.

You can buy the book here.

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