Wolf in Shadow

Wolf in Shadow
John Lambshead
Baen Books

All Rhian wants is a place where she can live and work through the loss of James, the only man she’d ever found who believed in her. There are only a couple of things working against her. The Sidhe want to invade London, and her landlady is a witch. Oh yes, there is that turning into a wolf thing, though she’s not a werewolf.

Between helping her landlady with spells on sick office buildings and working at the local pub, Rhian doesn’t have much time left over for saving the world. Still the daemon who calls her Snow White thinks it may just be Rhian’s job.

Wolf in Shadow is a slick urban fantasy from John Lambshead. The characters are rich and convoluted. While Rhian is the star of the novel there is not shortage of interesting people who surround her. The city of London also shines and is almost a character in its own right.

The magic is consistent and well thought out. The plot is sprinkled with plenty of humour but it isn’t over done. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I’d recommend it to all lovers of urban fantasy.

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