Dennis Meredith

Glyphus L.L.C.

Wormholes is one of those books that just starts and carries the reader along for the ride. The presentation is polished and professional looking. From the striking cover to the energetic and entertaining plot. The writing is not technically perfect with a little bit of Point Of View flipping happening here and there, yet I enjoyed the story enough that I just didn’t care about the minor slips in technique.

The story opens with a cavern appearing beneath a city and geologist Dacy needing to explore it to determine its cause. Only there isn’t one that she can find. She meets up with an eccentric astro-physicist and is soon on a global quest for the cause of strange disasters. The disasters are shown to us with gusto and a great talent for putting the reader on the spot to experience what is happening.  As they travel they pick up more companions who each bring their unique personality and talents to the team.

The really interesting part of the story begins when they figure out the cause of the disasters. Wormholes are cross-dimensional holes posited by modern mathematical cosmologies. It was a delight to read a science fiction book that used truly cutting edge science as its premise.

The main characters are well drawn and interesting. We learn bits about them as we go along. The other characters are not cardboard cutouts but they are less well defined. As I mentioned above, this isn’t a problem. This book is a roller-coaster read and is engaging and fun to read.

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